Thursday, November 27, 2014

Taya Malakian - A Poem Without Words

I want to become a poem for the Beloved.

I want to set my pen aside
and give up the words
I have used to aim at my true lover.

With every aspect of my being,
I want to seduce the Divine.

Just like each moment
is filled with either sunshine,
or moonlight,
or darkness,
I want to fill myself with
whatever experience is being offered
and as a gift
reflect it back to my Beloved.

The delight of warm rain,
the silky cool of the mist that comes next,
the glow of the sun setting into the storm.

I want to take it all in
as you watch me experience it.

And instead of attempting
to capture all of this in words,
words that can only point
towards the truth,
I will become a poem for my Beloved.

Each aspect of my being a page on
which the Divine Poet
has written the most beautiful poem-
without using a single word.

(This poem appears the author's poem collection 'Sutra of Stars', available here
this poem appears Here
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