Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lori Ann Lothian - Grace Under Pressure

What happens when the crack
appears in the wall, the fissure
that promises to loose the whole lake
of feeling, the damned damn bursting
from a line as fine as a hair,
or the look in your eyes.

 What happens when it breaks?

 Do I run for high ground, the place
where i am unreachable?
Or do I stand my ground
and let the wave carry me?

 There is asked of me, a willingness
to let the whole damned thing burst
wide open, to be swept by grace
into the arms of no-thing
so that everything
is mine and I am,

 Do I dare give up the wall
that has kept me fearless
because I have hidden
from what is real
while pretending,
pretending, pretending.

 Do I dare open the gates
and say to the flood:
Drown me, now, I am
ready. Take me
to the promised
land, on the ark
of surrender.

 Take me, take me, take me


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