Friday, September 12, 2014

Randall Friend - Intelligent emptiness

photo Elena Bovo

Every experience, no matter how mundane or spiritual, is just a vibration. A pattern. It's equal to all other experiences, vibrations, patterns. Equal in value, equal in distance, equal in existence. The experience, the vibration, the pattern doesn't take place "in the world" - it "takes place" in Consciousness.
The "brownness" of rock is not a property of rock, it's a property of "mind" or Consciousness. The "tree which falls in the forest" doesn't make a sound unless there are ears to hear, in other words - Consciousness. From this perspective the shock wave disturbs the air - the waves hit the ear drums - the vibration of the ear drums are translated by nerves and the "sound" is a product of Consciousness, not something which "exists" "out there" independent of Consciousness, independent of ears, independent of an observer.
You are the intelligent emptiness which is the capacity, source and expression of all that is, right now. The actuality and the evidence/experience are exactly the same thing. This realization naturally removes all conditions on experience and thought. Everything is left as it is, nothing has changed yet everything is known for what it is.
Self-realization is knowing reality for what it is, not what it is imagined or believed to be. It is not reaching or achieving something new but only in BEING what you already ARE, knowingly.

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