Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guru Nanak - Countless

"Endless are the harmonies played by the minstrels; the players prepare endless tunes and measures to sing to Thee, 0 bountiful Creator. Thy Light is within the beings and the beings are all within thy Light…countless are the countries, earths and spheres. Millions assign to Him ever new names, 0 Nanak."

"There are millions of nether regions and skies above skies;
Man has wandered endlessly in His search:
The Vedas also say the same.
The Muslim books speak of eighteen thousand universes,
but it is the same Power that sustains them all:
If it could be accounted for, an account of it would have
been recorded. All attempts at description are in vain;
O Nanak, admit His greatness;
He alone knows Himself.”

"Countless the Indras, countless the suns and moons,
and countless the earthly and stellar regions;
Countless the Siddhas, the Buddhas, the Naths, and countless
the gods and goddesses.
Countless the Danus and the Sages, and countless
the bejewelled oceans.
Countless the sources of creation, countless the harmonies,
countless those that listen unto them,
And countless the devotees of the Word,
Endless and unending, O Nanak! this Realm.”

— From Kirpal Singh’s translation of the Jap Ji, the Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak:

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