Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nathan Gill - The Play of Life

Seeing with clarity, life appears as a great play. You – Consciousness play all
the roles in the play, and appear as the whole show spontaneously arising
without cause.
It is part of the play that you – Consciousness play the roles usually without
knowing your real identity, but sometimes, as part of the show, you allow
yourself to know what you really are.
When you – Consciousness – are involved as a character in your play without
allowing yourself to know your real nature, the role is taken seriously and all
the dramas of life appear from this.
If a role is played where you notice what you are, the play is seen for what it
is. The character who notices it’s real identity doesn’t disappear with a flash
and a bang – although that is possible because there are no rules for the play,
- or put on ochre robes and have disciples, or teach ‘spiritual’ truths, although
any of these are possible, depending on the pattern of the character’s role in
the play. The character will likely appear as he or she did before knowing
their real identity. The character is likely to continue to lead what is an
ordinary life in the play. It is not even necessarily so that the character tells
anyone or communicates what is now obvious.
There is no point to this seeing with clarity. It is part of the play and has no
merit associated with it. If the character was suffering or had a problem
before the clarity, then that may still be part of the character’s role. There
could be bliss or delight, but only if that is a part of the role being played.
There are absolutely no rules or conditions. The whole play has no purpose
or point and is just you – Consciousness – celebrating yourself. You are your
play. It has no separate existence from you.

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