Monday, May 13, 2013

Uradiance - Now a perfect grace

Now a perfect grace pours into this world as never before, a radiant stream of joy, peace and healing.

Yet the channel of this grace is subtler than ever before. It's channel is not thought, word, or deed, but the space between thoughts, the silence between words, the stillness between deeds. To taste the miracle, one must shift awareness to a different place, a more inward and intimate place. This is not difficult. In fact, it is too simple, for the ego wants to do something harder. Mind loves difficulty, but Grace requires being without thought for at least a moment.

This new healing power cannot be organized, institutionalized, occupied, or enacted. It does not come through ideology, political activism, or religious work. The new medium is Presence itself.

Institutions, belief-systems, and educational models from the past have already collapsed. Their substance is like an echo. But Presence now takes on a diamond-like solidity.

One must learn to endure it without hope or blame. For hope is of the future, and blame is of the past, but Presence is transparent with innocence. No one is ever to blame, and there is nothing to hope for.

The shift to the new creation is simple: just settle inward from thinking to Being. The distance is less than the width of a hair.

Let your heart rest in the hollow core of its center. Do not doubt the tidal wave of Grace that will flow through you.

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