Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rick Linchitz: No You and no I, no Inside and no Outside

This Satsang with Rick has been recorded at the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2009 in Baden-Baden. Thanks a lot to the organizer of the festival for the permission of filming. 

Everything arises within All There Is, nothing outside of This; about the idea that there are individuals and the belief that they can effect All There Is; the seeking and the suffering arising out of this confusion; this message is a real threat to the precious belief in individuals who are in charge of their destiny; about the sense of lack associated with this belief through which all the seeking for completeness arises; in the realization „You are That“ all fears disappear; there is nothing outside of All There Is, just This in the eternal present; about the simplicity of life and the mind's need of complications; nothing to do and no one to do it; awakening as the realization that there never was an individual -  the seeking stops; pain as an aspect of All There Is, happening to no one; about the common misconception in this kind of meeting – in fact no one prescribing anything, just a description of What Is, no instructions.  

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part 2
part 3   

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