Sunday, January 31, 2021

Nancy Neithercut - Love song


This sea of dreams is a love song
melancholy and sublime
singing itself
into its very arms
holding everything
grasping nothing

there are no sandy beaches
or rocky shores
all harbors are imaginary
as well as deep deep currents
fathomless depths
and endless skies

breathing these very words
these very thoughts
this ocean of love
sings itself
dreams itself
paints itself
into a heart shaped melody
swirling into infinite color
into and through itself

where was I
when was I
when I heard my heart song echoing
on the distant shore?
how many love letters did I send?
how long was I waiting for my lover to return?
how many deep dark nights did I howl at the absent moon?

I was the longing for love
not knowing that is love itself
singing my name
her name
all names
echoes in the dark

I heard my voice
in midnight
and it was yours

our heart songs
have no words
are all words
every word spells love
spun in distant shadows
shimmering on the edge of light
and sound
and color

love sings your name
and it sounds like this
and this
and this

can you hear your beautiful
through my lips
I can only find mine
through your beautiful beautiful eyes

we are love's reflection
sparkling gems
wind swept tears
of ocean song



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