Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wu Hsin - Beyond the mind



 Master Wu Hsin began:

The piling on of more concepts, this acquisition of additional knowledge,
is not the solution. Adding to the known can never take one beyond the

At every moment of your life you know what you need to know. Take it to
be sufficient.

True knowledge comes via direct apperception and this cannot be forced.
It arrives in its own time

Now, be still.

Master continued:

Careful study teaches us that conscious existence continues even in the
absence of mind.

It also reveals that peace is present in any moment when there is no

Let there be no confusion.

The purpose of the investigation Wu Hsin proposes is not to establish
some special state of mind. Rather, it is to be freed from all states of mind.

Now, be further still.

Master continued:

Once you have recognized the pure taste of tea, you can always enjoy it
with sugar and lemon if you so choose.

Discern that the self consciousness or ego is the operative system of this
organism. When attention attaches to it, there is enmeshment,
entanglement, identification. Unattached, the attention is free.

It is the epitome of peace and you are That.

Now, be still.

Master continued:

The mind reverts to silence spontaneously after every thought. However,
another thought comes so quickly, in a seemingly endless stream, that we
miss this subtlety.

The mind is purified when it reverts to this silence.

The purification progresses from multiple thoughts to a single thought to
no thought.

Now contemplate.

Master continued:

The problem is that the pull of the world is still quite strong for you.

When you realize that everything is in your mind, and that you are beyond
the mind, there is a shift in the locus of attention.

The particular no longer holds sway over you; you are now Self-ward
facing, and you rest in Being Awareness.

It becomes clear that I-am and the world-is are experienced
simultaneously and the body is the instrument that connects the center,
the seeing, with the periphery, the seen.

Wu Hsin will return again tomorrow.