Friday, October 9, 2020

Jim Newman - This illusion of the personal


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 "The separate sense is on a mission, it is searching for the impossible to know the end of itself, the end of the fear of death, the end of separation. The non- dual reality. In this search it will always fail. The situation for the sense of self is completely hopeless. As is its efforts to control its life by repeating the pleasurable and avoiding the painful which is the simple description of its entire life. There is no free will - that is another illusion.

The good news is, there is no such thing as separation. What the separate sense of self is looking for is all there is. There is only that. This. This is not particular or exclusive. It is everything exactly as it is. Everything is an expression of wholeness, everything is the end of the sense of separation which the separate sense is looking for but in looking the separate sense can only register something, the particular.

When this reality is recognized, it is seen that there is no separation, that the sense of separation was simply a dream, that it never happened, there is no and never was a separate self in the whole of everything. Everything paradise is perfect and complete. But nothing changes, as there never was separation. The appearance is no longer informed by the search for the end of the fear of death and the neurotic outcroppings of that search, but everything is still, everything. In the absence of the search there is a unknowable wonder that this what is, can be, just that it appears, a quiet awesomeness that is this meaningless purposeless explosion of everything, which is an anarchy of love. Absolute freedom appearing as whatever is.

In sharing this, it may be recognized, resonated with. Sometimes there is the registration, that this is undeniable although there is no recognition, simply a refreshing understanding that seems to ring true somewhere and the straightjacket "me" may loosen or even fall away completely.

As the message is that there is nothing to find, it is already this, the separate sense of self has no part to play in the recognition. There is either an impersonal willingness or there is not.

It, this, is everything, completely impersonal and has nothing to do with what the separate sense feels or thinks.

NON DUALISM turns the way one normally thinks of enlightenment and spirituality on its head. Non Duality is a revolution. The simplicity of the message is absolutely undeniable. It reveals, that the search for enlightenment is in itself the continuation and confirmation of the separation.

Non Duality is a description of what can not be described, hence the negative non. Or what it is not, there are not two. The “two” being pointed to are all the opposites of existence, perception or the basis for experience.

It is obvious there is experience and perception so what is “not two”? And why can it not be said? “Not two” is pointing to the reality that perception and the experience of two is not what it seems to be. Experience seems to be the basis of what is. Non Duality acknowledges that fact but says perception and experience are distorted, made exclusive, by the experience of what is as personal.

The experience of being a person results in a transformation of all experience, that it is personal. That, what is happening, is happening to me. This veils the reality that experience being non dual in nature, is in reality empty. It is not happening to me, it is just happening.

How does this happen? The experience of being a person is the result of the body being experienced as the center of what is happening. This experience of being the center has a gravity or pressure to it. In reality the gravity or pressure is simply a feeling which happens, with no claim of center or of being personal, it has the flavor of “here”. The pressure of here incites a false claim, that this gravity or pressure is personal, that it signifies a center. This assumption or false claim is the beginning of the person and the personal story. This changes the impersonal everything or what is seemingly happening being obviously center less to: this is happening to “me”, a center.

The consequence of the assumption of an "I" is the personal story. This assumption or false claim is a reaction. The entire personal life which flows out of this false claim is also a reaction. A reaction to a reaction to a reaction... A reaction experiencing itself as the cause. As a cause it assumes free will and choice, meaning and purpose.

Of course free will and choice as well as meaning and purpose only make sense when the person is a cause, as a reaction, they are meaningless.

This illusion of the personal, the illusion of the separate person
, which hides the reality that what is seemingly happening is not really “two”, is the impersonal appearing personal. Timelessness appearing as time. This illusion that defines itself by experience hides the fact, that experience as the basis of everything is empty. That knowing - for example I am - is not a cause but a reaction, hiding the reality that there is no “I” or “am”.

There is no real cause and what is, is not a result
. The known is an appearance. An appearance is what it is, but it is not, what it seems to be. As long as the appearance is perceived as exclusively real, it is being taken for what it is not. What is, is empty. All appearance is empty.

“What is” is not logical, is not a conclusion. It is indescribable because there is no other to compare it to. The appearance is describable, it is the “is not” which is indescribable. As what is, is simultaneous “is” and “is not”, it is beyond description. Although what is is not describable, there are words that seems to arise: paradise, perfect, awesome, pure, free, absolute, infinite, love."





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