Friday, May 22, 2020

Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur - Lovers and the Freedom of the Infinite

Drunk am I on the wine of life,
Death can never be as sweet,
In beauty drowned I close my eyes,
I am alive in paradise.
A perfect day engulfs my soul,
I am grateful to be whole,
Nature is a friend to me,
I feel chosen to be free.
I watch her dance, her movements flow
In perfect grace and harmony,
No words can capture what I see,
It is a place to simply be
And enjoy the moments fly
By, the sky, the sea and I
Companions to the trees, this breeze
Whose gentle music brings me ease.
However may I leave this place
Of eternal beauty, grace?
It is not I who chose to be
In her arms eternally
Surrendered as a slave to love
Comes to me from up above
Poured into these moments lone
I spend with her completely prone
To enchantment, I am home
In a space I need not own
Nor disown, love is free,
And I’m happy to be me
Sitting here where poetry
Speaks to sun and sand and sea,
Blissful as these trees rejoice
In the sound of waves, a voice
Chanting in the air a hymn
To all nature, I am him
Content to look upon this scene,
Knowing life’s no more a dream
But the living breath of one
Who forever is the sun
Rising in my heart of love
On wings of peace, the golden dove
Looks below on this expanse
Created by the soul-romance
Of earth and heaven in a trance
Of lovers in a natural dance
Of bliss uplifts my spirit so,
En-rapt, transformed I with her flow,
Into the infinite I go
Needing not to ever know
What lies beyond, there is no end
To such beauty is a friend
To a poet always is
At her beck and call to bliss
Upon the heights and in the depths
Where she lingers for the steps
Of love approaching as she wakes
From her dream and their heartache
Breaks open to let in the flood
Of their bodies one in blood
And in spirit, hearts and minds
Meet and merge, as rivers wind
Around each other, arms entwined
Like lovers in the clasp divine -
It’s then they know their paths are one,
These lovers of the soul and sun.

From Letters to the Muse


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