Saturday, March 14, 2020

Nathalie Delay - Freedom

The need to possess and control comes from our mental conditioning.
These demands are not a native part of life, because everything in life is completely full, 
and in perpetual transformation.
Our mental faculties are unable to comprehend this beauty.
Giving ourselves to the contemplation of life makes it possible to touch the substance of reality.
Mental activity then becomes quiet, and settles to the bottom of our being.
There, need is absent and endless fulfilment appears.

An infinite treasure is waiting within us, if we turn our gaze toward the immensity 
and depth of our being.
We intuit that external security is a snare which puts us to sleep 
and keeps us from tasting true freedom,
but we dare not pay attention to this intuition, out of fear. 
One day the call of the open sea becomes too strong,
we dare to face the fear and explore the unknown without trying to master it.

The taste of freedom has become irresistible; we are at last ready 
to let our mental blueprints, our beliefs, our opinions, die. 

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