Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Naresh Dhull - Silence

A fool takes "silence"
as the "absence of speaking".
It's not so.
Silence is absence of thoughts or
harmony in thoughts!

Silence is when mind stops
putting obstructions to
the expression of the "heart"!

Silence is total absence of mind
and total presence of heart!

Silence is surrender
to the "unknown".
It is total acceptance of the unknown!

Silence is stillness of being;
stillness of being in love!

It is creative expression:
of life,
of love,
of beauty,
of truth,
of the Seer within!

Silence is totality of life.

It is oneness of
It is not stillness of tongue;
it is stillness of beauty!

Silence is virtue!
It is peace!
Natural peace of soul!!


1 comment:

  1. Funny in a way because last days this subject kept me busy and now you are here!How clear and beautiful said.Although sometimes doubt…,and yet from out the living strenght 'I'know it is true.What a blessing to read these words right now.Again thank you so much for sharing.