Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Amoda Maa - The paradoxe of freedom

 The closer we come to truth (and the closer we come to living that truth), everything becomes paradoxical. Yes, everything. It's this and that. It's human and divine. It's messy and it's perfect. It's time-bound and it's timeless. It's relative and it's absolute. It's form and formless. Everything becomes paradoxical.

We start to live as this paradox, because truth is not an end point. Truth is not an answer. Truth is not a belief system. Truth is an open ended-ness within us. And this is where freedom begins.

It’s not a freedom that negates our human experience, with all its challenges, with all its ups and downs, with all its losses and heartbreaks. It's a freedom that allows us to live at peace with all of it, even when it's not peaceful. It's a deep acceptance of what is.

It’s a freedom that wipes away all the cover-ups, everything we tell ourselves in order to protect ourselves, to pretend that we're safe, to imagine a perfect destination. It’s a freedom that wipes away the layers of defended-ness, all the strategies that we create - mental strategies, emotional strategies, energetic strategies - to get what we think we want from life in order to feel comfortable, in order to feel special, in order to feel loved. But these cover-ups end up being our prison. And there is no fulfillment in this self-created prison.

Fulfillment only comes when there are no cover-ups. It's the fulfillment of internal freedom, and has nothing to do with the external. You could be in a jail cell, and still this freedom is available.