Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Randall Friend - An overwhelming sense of Love

The love felt here is overwhelming. For so many years I struggled and searched - mostly within the confines of an individual existence. It is impossible to find the answer you seek as long as you consider yourself an individual existence.

My writing is due to an overwhelming sense of Love - I totally understand where you're coming from. My impulse to write is due to this love - this sense that if you could just realize that your existence isn't separate and transient - you would see that there is nothing to worry about. You don't have to suffer. Suffering is only in the mind.

WHAT you are is Life, Existence itself. Consciousness arises, and we get sucked into that. Therefore we take ourselves as the object of Consciousness - which is actually totally normal, yet it isn't true.

There is one Existence - one "thing" from which all arises. And you are THAT. What else could you be?

Consciousness arises like a dream - and you're there, facing the world. But that is what you've been led to believe.

Life, the Universe, Brahman, whatever you want to call it - is dreaming. It is aware of itself through this dream we call "I". The true "I" is Life - aware of itself through this dream.

Wake up - existence isn't transient. You exist. This dream is your way of knowing yourself. And when that dream ends, nothing is lost. You still exist.

A cigar is slowly burning, and a glass of bourbon is settling. These experiences have value - yet they are not ultimately real.

YOU are real. That's it.


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