Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Jed McKenna - Spiritual Enlightenment the damnedest thing

 Spiritual  enlightenment  sits  next  to  an empty milk  carton 
on  an orange lunch tray  in a gradeschool cafeteria.
It's lying  in  the grass  in a ditch beside a rusting  hubcap. 
It's  on the button holding  closed the left  cuff of a somewhat important  man's  shirt.
Enlightenment  can be found  next  to the elevator on the fourth level  of the airport parking  garage. 

You can ask  your dog  for it,  but  he may  not give  it  to you.

Look for  it  next  to the pen  in the pocket of  the checkout girl's  red vest, But  only  on  Wednesdays.

Enlightenment  is in  the trunk,  behind the  jack. 
You  can hear  it  in  the squeak of a hinge at  the  local  library. 
It's  in the  breeze blowing  unheard  through  an  unseen  tree. 
It's  in the  space after the exhale and  before the  inhale. 

You can find enlightenment  in  church,  in  that  scratch  on the back of the pew  in  front  of you.
You can find it  in the desert, just  before the wind picks  up again.

Enlightenment  is  nothing. 
Delusion  is  the greatest  wonder. 

Enlightenment  was  in your coffee cup before you poured in the coffee.
Now it's  in your coffee cup.
Two point two billion years before your coffee cup was created, Enlightenment  was  in your coffee cup.
An hour and fifteen minutes after time  swallows the  universe,  Enlightenment will be  in  your coffee cup
You've always  known  where  it  is  because it's exactly  where you left  it. 
How can you  not return to a place you  never left?
You  are  dreaming  that  you  are  unenlightened. 
You are  dreaming that  you are  awake.

The question  is:  Why? 
The answer is:  Why  not? 



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