Sunday, October 20, 2019

Nancy Neithercut - No one to catch the wind

Sea of warmth
Liquid silence
Is the wind free
Or bound by its own movement
Shimmering brilliant immediacy
Neither moving nor permanent
Is not contained
It’s recognition is not a goal or attainment
It’s always on yet
Simply uncatchable as there is nothing separate from it
Neither you nor me
Nor that cloud blossoming over the canyon edge
Needs to fill the sky with blue
Or paint the wetness in water
Words sing an imaginary cage
Around a day and a night
Around this tree and the Robinsong
Around a piece of time
An hour a second...
Stitching all these words together
Will not sew all end everything
Into a seamless whole
This unicity has no edges
That have been joined
There never was a piece of sky for you to live in
No eternity
No now
Not even nothing separate from you
This emptiness you feel
Is the fullness dancing
In your heart you know
There are no things to grasp
And no one to catch the wind"  


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