Thursday, August 29, 2019

Devaji - Silence

 I'd like to talk a little bit this evening about silence.

When we speak of silence in here, it has nothing to do with the perceptive quality of your ears. It in fact has nothing to do with perception. It is a feeling. Not a perceptive feeling, not the feeling of the skin of the body, but what is called the feeling of Stillness, or the feeling of the Heart. It is a feeling in the heart of what is silent. What is unchanging. What is the common ground which has always been with you. It is just that the habit of attention is always falling into perceptive sense, which is always changing. But amongst the ever changing phenomena of the body, which is nothing but change - thoughts, always changing, sensations, always changing, emotions, always changing, situations, always changing - but there is something that is constant. It is in fact what gives you the sense of the continuity of you. Something that lays witness to all that is changing, but itself is changeless.

The feeling of silence is felt equally everywhere. It is not found in a particular location. It unifies what the perceptive senses experience as separate. In other words, when you are feeling what is still, when you are feeling silence, there are no boundaries in it. And all of a sudden, perceptive awareness is experienced to all be occurring within the boundary-less space of what is felt as silence. It is so immediate. There is no distance in it because there is nowhere it is not. It is the ground in fact of your Being. It is felt by the Heart. It is the depth of peace and wholeness. And it feels itself everywhere, in everything.

It is through this silence that God speaks. It is through this silence that all wisdom arises. It is the language of the Heart. The more the habit of following mental movement is released, the deeper you fall into this beauty that is always present now.

In the beginning it feels like space, a sense of stillness. But as the falling into it deepens, there begins to be the flavor of this unspeakable love that is not dependent on anything. It is not because of something. It has always been. It has just been bypassed because of conditioned thinking, business, preoccupation with sense perception. And out of this stillness infused with this love, flowers joy. Pure joy. Eternal joy. It is felt in the silence. You can feel it in everything. It is the natural state. It is not temporary, it is not in a particular place, it is not dependent on the ever-changing phenomena arising in the body that the mind has hypnotically conditioned you to believe is 'me'. You do not feel true silence with the body. The only thing you can feel with the body is the body. And it is always changing. All perception can only monitor change over time. It is not possible to perceive what is changeless. It is the nature of true Heart, the feeling of what is alive everywhere.

When the attention falls into this and body is moving, there is no experience of someone doing something. All movements are tasted as arising out of that silence. When this is the case, there are only two forces which create movement, and that is either passion or compassion, the two flavors of love.

The mind may say, Deva is speaking. But my experience is that I am silence, stillness. There is no sense of speaking. There is recognition that it happens, arising and dissolving into source like a wave in the ocean. And this ocean is pure silence, out of which arises the bliss of your natural state.


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