Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hafiz - Song of Freedom

Last night, midnight became
an exalted dawn as they kissed the grief
from my mouth and breathed
the breath of life between these lips.
In that holy darkness, they let me
drink from the Waters of Life.

The light of love poured
through me until I fell down drunk,
reeling in ecstasy.
This cup has spilled over!
Now the wine of reflection shows
only the beloved’s grace.

What a glorious midnight!
What a blessed darkness
when, on that Night of Great Reward,
I finally received the deed
to the fortune of my soul.

From now on, my face
is the mirror which everywhere
reflects love’s ultimate beauty.
In the splendor of this place,
I saw all the wonders of eternity revealed.

So does it really surprise you
that I dance through the streets
singing out joy for all those
privileged enough to have ears?
For this, I received the alms of my salvation.

For on that day,
the Unseen Messenger brought me
this magnificent news:
Tyranny and grief can never prevail over
patience and the steadfast heart.

These, my friend, were
the keys to my freedom.
All the sugar pouring from my words
is the sweet reward of patience.
For this, they gave me the whole cane stalk!

Rejoice! The aspiration of Hafiz
and the breath of all believers
who rise with the sun and with God
have broken the heavy chains of
illusion and set me free.


art and  poem translation

from the upcoming book
  Hafiz: Wisdom of Madness
Selected Poems

Hafiz: Wisdom of Madness
Selected Poems
Translated by Rassouli
Described as a literary wonder and a poet for poets, Hafiz has been lauded by Emerson, Goethe, Brahms and Nietzsche. Now, renowned artist and writer, Rassouli has dived heart first into the "Divan of Hafiz" to offer you fresh, careful and devoted translations so you can take your own journey into the "Wisdom of Madness". The treasures of Hafiz will bless the reader for a lifetime.

Includes illustrations by Rassouli
ISBN: 978-1-925538-64-9
Paperback, 204 pages, printed on cream/ivory paper.
Available August 2019 


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