Tuesday, May 7, 2019

José M. Tirado - "A Vision"

A soft wind sailed
through waving trees, sighing.
In crisp, radiant clarity
leaves danced
in flame-light movement, glittering.

And in the center of a field
a single tree, alight
with Being,
solitarily stood -
full and possessed of Life.
Each stirring leaf
a diamond twinkle of Truth.

It was there,
there in a moment of
no-moment understanding,
that I heard the Song of Being
in one tree's dancing silence,
then quietly washed my face
with thanks,
more thanks,
and salt tears.

José M. Tirado is a Puertorican poet and political writer living in Hafnarfjorður, Iceland, known for its elves, “hidden people” and lava fields.


  1. Hello. Thank you for featuring this early but long-favored piece of mine. How did you hear of my work? You can find more recent material on my blog A Deliberate Life: Musings on What´s Important".
    (´ö-Zér Jamgön Dorje)

    1. Hi Jose
      Thanks for passing by...
      Honestly, i can't remember how i came across your poems...
      Surfing the net...
      You know, one thing leads to another...
      By the way, there are 2 more of your poems posted here...
      Metaphysics at tea - A Poem
      and today's post: The circle of awareness