Friday, February 22, 2019

Rumi - The Breath of my Presence

I smell the fragrance of my Beloved
and my heart is lost.
I see a ray of light from His face
and my soul is enraptured
Why are the earth and all its creatures
bubbling up in delight?—
A drop from the Saaqi’s cup
has spilled upon the ground.

One who is frozen and withered
is lost in his own affairs.
Don’t be lost in your own affairs—
be lost in mine!

The Spring reveals all the secrets of the earth.
My Spring reveals all the secrets of the soul.

The roses of the earth
only hide the thorns and brambles.
When my roses bloom
they remove every thorn from the heart.

What is the cold wind of winter?—
the breath of your denial.
What is the warm breeze of Spring?—
the breath that lets me into your life.

from Rumi - In the arms of the Beloved - Jonathan Star

CD Album by "Traceless"

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