Monday, February 11, 2019

Ramana Maharshi - Turn inwards and know your Self first

"All metaphysical discussion is fruitless unless it causes us 
to seek within the Self for the true Reality.
One can, and often does, go through numerous books, a whole library perhaps, and yet comes out without the faintest realization of what one is.
Learning often renders a disservice, especially 
when it causes a person's ego and pride to develop;
these prove to be serious obstacles to progress.
Science is exploring the external universe, when it has not yet explored the Self.
Inventions are being made constantly, they will never cease as we can go on inventing one new thing after another.
What is the use? All this is Maya. Turn inwards and know your Self first.
All these notes you are making of my sayings and so on, are useful for beginners, for friends and to answer the questions of others.
But for yourself, you know that they are only pieces of paper.
Dive into the Self and find all you want to know there!
All controversies about creation, the nature of the universe, 
evolution, the purpose of God etc, are useless.
They do not lead to true happiness.
People try to find out about things which are outside themselves 
before they try to find out
 'Who am I?'
Only by this means can they gain happiness
- not by understanding the whole universe, for the Self is happiness."


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