Sunday, November 4, 2018

Madhavi Sood - “On My heart penned joyfully”

O! How joyful can my heart be!
And reach out to my destiny.
To see the sunshine in the rain.
And laugh and sing, even in pain.

O! How joyful can my heart be!
To see the wonder of all that is and can be!
To strike out onto a path unknown…
And yet plant seeds of faith and love grown…

Feeling blessed, simply to be alive!
Moving on from day to day with a song and a jive!
O! How joyful can my heart be!
Moving onto my Destiny!

Come what future may.
Fill up my lamp with oil, is all I pray…
So I can sing and dance and laugh.
And reach out to all…
Sprinkling hope and love with my magical staff.

O! How joyful, grateful can my ever hopeful heart be!
Reaching out once again to my Destiny!


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