Friday, August 3, 2018

Chuck Surface - Sublime Presence

The moment-to-moment Experience of existing,
Imbued with the Ecstasy of Pure Awareness,
Timeless, spaceless, objectless… selfless,
Diminished in its arising in Form,
But unmistakably “of” its Source,
Water from that Ocean, Light from that Sun.

To the Hindus…
The Ananda of Satchitananda.
To the Christians…
The Presence of the Holy Spirit.
To the Sufis…
The Perfume of The Beloved.

A river of Formless Pure Being,
Flowing effortlessly into form,
Into the Wellspring of the Heart,
Overflowing… flooding even the physical form,
With Fullness, Completion, and Bliss.

Not simply peace, happiness, and joy,
On the level of psychology and emotion,
Not simply a profound understanding,
An apperception born of knowledge,
But the Orgasmic Ecstasy of the Soul.

Not constrained to eyes shut “meditation”,
But with eyes open,
In this Dream of manifest existence,
Formlessness Being, Shining into and as Form.

The Beloved, ever within us,
Her Heart beating in ours, as ours.
The Embrace of Shiva and Shakti,
The Ecstasy of their Union.
For others… the touch of God.

Untouched, unmoved, impenetrable,
By the ever-changing circumstances,
Of conditionality,
Even as storms rage,
In the realms of psychology and emotion.

Ever-present, as Unimaginable Grace,
Even in moments,
Of deepest Sorrow,
Deepest Despair,
Deepest Fear.

This Ineffably Sublime Presence,
Shining as the true Sat Guru,
The True Murshid,
The True Teacher,
In the Cave of The Heart.

The Comforter,
The Teacher,
The Beloved.

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  1. A BEAUTIFUL Video Michel!! Such a compliment to Chuck's Poem...