Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Aisha Salem - Freedom

While on the Way,
enlightenment is a matter of Life and Death,
a Soul-wrenching defiance of want and will,
scraping its bloody knuckles against the raw and unmoving rock of naked Truth.

No chance to build a bridge or cut a deal,
with the sharp-eyed mistress of Reality,
always and ever demanding you to proceed and complete,
never land, never rest, never sleep,
just further and further until awake, alive and undone.

Worn to the bone and cut by the sword,
burned by the fire and dead to dreams and hopes,
one day nothing more happens and peace occurs,
by the end of the distorting wish for the false to be real.
of seeing the true as true.

No longer buried again and again,
by the fear of dying or the temptation to exist,
by concepts of friends, family, country or society, future, past or even now,
but enthralled in the blessed mist of non-knowing, non-needing, non-existing.

Happiness and its kin unhappiness, replacement by Joy,
Love and its kin hatred, replacement by vast openness,
Good and its buddy bad, buried in the sand-dunes of free Life,
no need for silence and no appreciation of noise.

True self of noself emanating as sweet nothing,
the sky be your hat as the ocean be your gut.
Simplicity no longer contested nor requested,
just naturally the result of peace.

No one knows in advance the resiliance of your stubborness,
or temperature of your passion,
only you can forge the Sword in the fire of Truth.

Enlightenment – after all –
is nothing but a crazy game for crazy people,
and yet, it might be the only game worth playing,
for the warrior foolish, passionate and demanding enough,
to be willing to die for nothing.


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