Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rupert Spira - Love

Love is not a human experience.
There are no human experiences.
There are no entities called humans that experience certain things.
Consciousness alone experiences.
All experience belongs to Consciousness
including all the thoughts, sensations and perceptions
that are normally considered to belong to humans.
The human being is not an entity that owns, has, feels or knows anything.
It is a known of felt object, that is, a thought, sensation or perception.
In other words, only the Absolute merits the name 'love.'
You are confusing a set of feelings, bodily sensations
and thoughts for the experience of love.
Love is precisely the dissolution of all such objects in Consciousness.
Do we not know that ?
Do we not know that love is precisely the dissolution
of everything that keeps us, defined, separate, apart ?


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