Monday, July 3, 2017

Eric Baret - Only live with what is there

" why would you want to free yourself from suffering, violence, depression
These are gifts we receive for questioning.
There's nothing to change in there.
It's because there is a form of maturation, opening that these gifts come.
To think that we must free ourselves from suffering, free from violence, that is violence.
It's a form of adjournment.
There's nothing we need to get out of.
The image is absolutely necessary; when it has fulfilled its role, it eliminates like the rest.
A spiritual approach is to live with what is there;
it is not seeking to transform, to change, to free itself.
These things are part of psychology. It's a leak.
It's about living with what you feel and not living with the hypothetical body,
with the body you should have, which you want to have, but with the body that's there.
Live with what is felt, not with a hypothetical, quiet, purified psyche,
which should be like this and like that, which should be open.
No. No. Live with what's here: with agitation, fear, depression.
Welcoming these elements brings the transformation.
No room for any change, for any journey; only live with what is there.
What is there is no other than beauty, but it requires listening, being watched.
Any attempt to break free is that suffering."


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