Saturday, April 8, 2017

Master Hsu Yun - The poise of a dying man

Beyond meditation practice, there is attitude.
 A beginner must learn to cultivate what is called
‘the poise of a dying man.’ What is this poise?
It is the poise of knowing what is important and what is not,
 and of being accepting and forgiving.

Anyone who has ever been at the bedside of a dying man will understand this poise.
What would the dying man do if someone were to insult him? Nothing.
What would the dying man do if someone were to strike him? Nothing.
As he lay there, would he scheme to become famous or wealthy? No.
If someone who had once offended him were to ask him for his forgiveness would he not give it?
Of course he would.

A dying man knows the pointlessness of enmity.
Hatred is always such a wretched feeling.
Who wishes to die feeling hatred in his heart? No one.
The dying seek love and peace.

The Autobiography of the Chinese Zen Master

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