Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shah Nematollah Vali - One step beyond yourself

Take one step beyond yourself --
the whole path lasts no longer than a step.
Beg alms from yourself -- don't go wandering --
outside yourself the Way cannot be found.
If it's love you're after, naught yourself;
only the lover minus self knows love.
In the hope of His union suffer
the weight of separation all your life.
A rose without thorns cannot be found —
there is no gathering of roses without shedding blood.
Seek His pearl-secret from the ocean-hearted dervish —
there is no diver in His ocean but the dervish heart.
Speak not of infidelity or faith
no, be sacrificed in the way of love;
for in His presence there is no room, no time
for dogma, infidelity or faith.
Seeker, no one attains to love
without rising above yesterday and tomorrow.
The day is today. No lover
knows care for the future!
Speak no more of silver and gold with Nimatullah
this lovely gold of yours is nothing but a jaundiced corpse.

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