Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chuck Surface - Drooling mind

It's most upsetting.

My roommate, the mind, was quite happy.
All was understood,
And could be explained
With such diamond-like clarity,
To anyone who asked.

Oh… and how he loved reading,
Learning more, and more,
Gaining greater and greater “knowledge”,
Deeper and deeper “understanding”,
Articulating ever more clearly,
Respected and admired.

And then… She came,
Plying him with The Wine,
Of Dissolution and Bliss.
And I watched, helplessly,
As my friend became a Fool.
Neglecting everything…

For Her.

I actually found him one day,
Head on the curb,
Drooling concepts, theories, and conjecture.

Just pathetic.

As I gathered him up,
To hide his shame from passers by,
He could only mutter, “my Love”, “my Own”.
Until he swooned, again… lost.
And Everything poured out of him, instead of in.

He'll never live this down.

He still lives with me,
But we seldom talk anymore.
He wants only to speak of Her,
But the mindless fool...

Can find no words. 

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