Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cathryn Deyn - Falling

Drowning in my fears
I stop thrashing, tread water
Long enough to hear
My Soul speak

‘Ssshhh ‘ -  she soothes me as a babe in
 Her arms
‘ Do not be afraid of your sadness,
little one.
Fall from me, as a leaf from a tree.
Do not cling to me just now.
Drift down, down,
down into your sadness’

I tremble, terrified.
Clinging on.

‘Fall , fall into your sadness, little leaf’
Soul whispers patiently,
Again, again, then again
Until  this becomes a mantra I can trust

I let go.
I am falling.

Into a wondrous discovery.

My sadness is no hellish torment,
My sadness, like air, supports me as I
So, so softly I descend
Then land, on a cushion of perceptible

‘There is an end to it?’ I ask, amazed.

I sigh, surrendering to my small death
Upon the earth of my Self.
I have fallen to my Bliss.
My Soul, rooted in this earth, catches me
A mothers arms ,waiting, Loving me,
Gathering me to Her again.
As if I had never been alone.

This beautiful poem was found Here
Cathryn Deyn Here  


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