Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Aisha Salem - The Invitation

When You Come to Me

Come to Me Wild,
Driven by your Passion
for Truth more Naked than Naked,
Love Purer than Pure,
Being Supreme,
Willing Extreme
No Denial, No Trial…
Just Surrender, Meet Me Here.

Come Sincere,
Attachment will Hinder,
Yet You not are freed,
Reality Streaming
or lost in Dreaming?
No story needs Told,
For Love to unfold,
Pretending always Amiss,
Sincerity Serene
Love Extreme
Let Go to Reality Supreme.

Come Bearing Gifts,
The Gift of Your Soul,
Your Heart in your Hand,
The Drift of your Goal,
Your Honesty, Thrill,
Your Backbone and Kill…

Come Naked, Come Free
Expectations Will Slow Us,
Compromise Throw Us,
Soaring the Skies,
Diving The Earth,
Meeting in Truth,
Reality Birth…

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