Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rumi - Because of you

We stood together hand in hand in primordial time;
now at last, we are one again.

We are all of one soul struggling along one path,
and all drunk with the same wine.

From among the two worlds we chose Love alone
except for that Love there is nothing we adore.

What bitterness did our souls suffer from separation!
At long last, we are free from separation.

A ray from the sun came in through an opening
and raised us up in dignity, however low we were.

O Sunlight! Don’t withhold Your loving radiance from us!
Aren’t we sitting in the robes of Your radiance?

By Your radiance we are transformed into rubies,
it is because of You that we exist.

Dancing like particles before You;
in our yearning for You, we abandon all our chains.

[Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi: 1761, translated by Kabir Helminski and Ahmad Rezwani,

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