Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nanyue Mingzan - Enjoying the Way

    1. Serenely carefree, nothing to change;
    2. Carefree, what need for words?
    3. Real mind doesn’t scatter,
    4. So no need to stop worldly cares.
    5. The past is already past,
    6. The future can’t be reckoned.
    7. Sitting serenely carefree,
    8. Why would anyone pay a call?
    9. Seeking to work on things outside –
    10. It’s all foolishness!

    11. As for provisions, not one grain;
    12. If a meal is offered, just gobble it up.
    13. Worldly folk full of needless care,
    14. Always chasing, they never get it.

    15. I neither desire heavenly realms,
    16. Nor want blessings in this world.
    17. When hungry, eat;
    18. Tired, sleep.
    19. Fools laugh at me,
    20. But the wise know its wisdom.
    21. It’s not being stupid –
    22. It’s what we originally are.

    23. When you have to go, go;
    24. When you have to stay, stay.
    25. Over shoulders, a ragged robe;
    26. Below, bare feet.
    27. Talking, talking, more and more –
    28. Always leads to mistakes.
    29. If you want to save others,
    30. Better work on saving yourself!

    31. Don’t rashly seek the true Buddha;
    32. True Buddha can’t be found.
    33. Does marvelous nature and spirit
    34. Need tempering or refinement?
    35. Mind is this mind carefree;
    36. This face, the face at birth.
    37. Even if the kalpa-rock is moved,
    38. It alone remains unchanged.

    39. Carefree is just that –
    40. What need to read the words?
    41. With the root of delusive self gone,
    42. All falls into place right where it is.

    43. Rather than get worn out over this and that,
    44. In the woods, serene, just take a nap.
    45. Raise your head and the sun’s already high;
    46. Scrounge for food, then wolf it down.

    47. Intent on getting good results,
    48. You merely fall deeper into ignorance.
    49. Try to grasp, it can’t be gotten;
    50. Let go and there it is.

    51. I have one “word”;
    52. With it, all concepts and relations gone.
    53. Clever explanations cannot get at this,
    54. Only mind conveys it.

    55. Again this single “word,”
    56. Directly expressed without medium.
    57. Smaller than small,
    58. Originally without direction or place.
    59. Originally whole and complete –
    60. Not something strung together with effort.

    61. Lost in worldly cares
    62. Is far from mountain stillness.
    63. Where pines obscure sunlight,
    64. Clear green streams flow on and on.
    65. Lying down beneath wisteria vines,
    66. Head pillowed on smooth stone.
    67. With mountain clouds as curtain
    68. And night moon as a hook.
    69. Not rising for the emperor,
    70. Why envy royalty?
    71. Not even birth-death concerns me –
    72. What remains to grieve over?

    73. Moon reflected in water has no fixed form;
    74. That’s the way I always am.
    75. Each and every thing as it is,
    76. Originally unborn.
    77. Sitting serenely carefree:
    78. Spring comes, the grass grows green of itself.

 Translated by Jeff Shore

 E n j o y i n g   t h e   Wa y
I n t r o d u c t o r y   L e c t u r e
Jeff Shore



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