Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mullah Nasrudin - "Nothing"

The Mullah meets a friend on the street:
“Oh,  it’s been a long time….how are you? what are you doing?”

“Oh I am fine, thank you Mullah. Now I’m working at the palace of the Sultan, as the representative of the representative of the tea maker”.

“Ah, i see. And then what will you become?”
“Then I become the representative of  the tea maker”.
“And then?”
“Oh I become the tea maker for the Sultan.”
“And then?”
“I become the secretary”.
“Ah good, and then?”
“And then… I become a minister”.
“And then?”
“Oh Mullah! and then I become the visir”.
“Ah and then?”
“Well, and then I become the Sultan!”

“And then?”

“Mullah! And then, and then nothing!  There is nothing after the Sultan!”

“You see? That is where I’ve already reached”. 


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