Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Freedom from the known

As human beings we are all capable of inquiry, of discovery, 
and this whole process is meditation. 
Meditation is inquiry into the very being of the meditator. 
You cannot meditate without self-knowledge, 
without being aware of the ways of your own mind, 
from the superficial responses to the most complex subtleties of thought. 
I am sure it is not really difficult to know, to be aware of oneself, 
but it is difficult for most of us because we are so afraid to inquire, to grope, to search out. 
Our fear is not of the unknown, but of letting go of the known. 
It is only when the mind allows the known to fade away that there is complete freedom 
from the known, and only then is it possible for the new impulse to come into being.  

The Collected Works, Vol. X",255,Choiceless Awareness

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