Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Alice Gardner - The Wedding Feast

When minds rule us
They see a world
Filled with intractable problems
Straining to survive, doubtful to survive
The onslaught of human life.

But Love would rule the world
And then all of what is seen
ALL of This
Becomes Love's invitation to our hearts.

Love invites us to a wedding feast
In every battleground, in every sickness, in every famine
We are being beckoned to embrace
Swirling images of death and destruction.
Becoming our completion
As they are embraced in the Heart
Of the world
In us.

We are both the birthing and the dying at once.
This is a stage, fashioned to discomfort us
To awaken our hearts
Into letting Love take us.

The richness of what we Are
As we include the world
Is only the beginning of what Love would show us.

Without resistance,
We have just gained entrance to the wedding feast
And find with surprise
That we ourselves are the Bride.


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