Friday, December 25, 2015

Mooji - Christmas Blessing

True love never goes away.
The shape it takes may change, but it itself never changes,
except to get sweeter and sweeter and more full.
It is not born from human effort or fantasy;
it is the love which is the unicity of pure Being
being recognised.
Perhaps if duality has any real value,
it is to provide love the room to demonstrate its own unicity
and to manifest the sense of showing gratitude to the Supreme.
It is love that really connects us all through truth and wisdom,
and makes ignorance ashamed to show itself.
That wisdom that comes from love, from God, from our own divinity, cannot be studied.
In its own time it simply blossoms inside the heart
and gives light to the world.

 The very significance of Christmas is this Christ Consciousness,
the Christ-light, which is the real light of the world.
The light of consciousness,
the light of the Self in its purest dynamic expression,
is what we call the Christ
that manifested in the human form called Jesus
so many years ago,
but the source and origin of this light is timelessly unchangeable

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