Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nisargadatta Maharaj - You are an illusion

Questioner: How does a jnani see the world?

Maharaj: A jnani is aware of the origin and the value of consciousness, this beingness, which has spontaneously dawned on him. This same consciousness plays a multitude of roles, some happy, some unhappy; but whatever the roles, the jnani is merely the seer of them. The roles in forms, mental, physical, sensational have no effect on the jnani.

All your problems are body-mind problems. Even so, you cling to that body. Since you identify with the body-mind, you follow certain polite modes of expression when you talk. I do not. I might embarrass you; you may not be able to take what I say. I have no sense of propriety. You are bound by your own concepts and notions. Actually, you love only this sense of “I”; you do everything because of this. You are not working for anybody, nor for the nation, but only for this sense of “I” which you love so much.

Question: But I like to act; I like to work.

Maharaj: All these activities go on, but they are only entertainment. The waking and deep sleep states come and go spontaneously. Through the sense of “I”, you spontaneously feel like working. But find out if this sense of “I” is real or unreal, permanent or impermanent.

The “I” which appears is unreal. How unreal it is I have proven. The moment the “I” is proven unreal, who is it who knows that the “I” is unreal? This knowledge within you that knows the “I” is unreal, that knowledge which knows change, must itself be changeless, permanent.

You are an illusion, Maya, an imagination. It is only because I know that I’m unreal that I know you also are unreal. It is not like this: Because I am real, you are unreal. It is like this: Because I am unreal, everything is unreal.

Consciousness depends on the body; the body depends on the essence of food. It is the Consciousness which is speaking now. If the food-essence is not present, the body cannot exist. Without the body, would I be able to talk? Can you do anything to retain this sense of “I”? As it came spontaneously, so will it go. It will not forewarn you by announcing, “I am going tomorrow.”

A doubt has arisen and you are trying to find the solution, but who is it who has this doubt? Find out for yourself.


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