Friday, August 21, 2015

Anamika - Unwinding

Once recognition has taken place,
once we have seen the essential nature of what we are,
once we have stopped taking ourselves to be this or that,
knowing that we are none of It,
( because unidentified with anything in particular )
or all of It,
( because there is nothing else but This )
we are Home.
A portal of the Infinite.
Sensing, Perceiving, Awaring.

There can be a period of honeymooning.
The recognition of our true nature
is dismantling the structures
of who we thought we were.
And consequently we are feeling
the space and the transcendence
and are flowing with what is.

Breathtakingly taken in by the beauty.

And as well there usually is a period of transition.
Where everything in the body mind 
that has not yet aligned itself
with this new way of being is coming up.
Thought patterns, pains, aches, emotions.

They stay a while do their thing and disappear.

This is something which is taking place naturally and spontaneously.

And as far as i can see this period of unwinding
is indefinite and ongoing.

Always there is more coming up
to be seen and felt and discover.

There is no fixed place to land for the body mind.
A place of permanent bliss and happiness.

In the world of appearances
no such static place exists.

The Seeing, the Knowing, the Awaring
is the one thing always there.
Perceiving what Is.


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