Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Diwaan-e-Mo'in - Ghazal 3

The fire of Your love has now set my heart in flames
All inward peace and stability have left me and now I'm ruined.

Your hands have inflicted wounds on each of my arteries
Is it strange if I now cry out for help because of Your hands?

Although my heart experiences the pain of the stick of affliction,
What can I do, but to endure patiently what happens to me now?

The King of love came and destroyed the city of my heart,
But now I discover that in every corner He placed hundreds of treasures.

The people have explained why this city has been destroyed,
But in fact instead of being destroyed it has now been revived.

For quite some time I was imprisoned by my selfish nature,
But a hand from the unseen has come to free me now of my chains.

The Cupbearer of the divine banquet has opened the door of the tavern.
Just now He gave me a hundred thousand cups from His wine'vault.

After the unveiling of the glorious face of my Cupbearer
My present state of existence has been shaken from its foundation.

Mo'in has drunk so many cups of that pure wine,
Yet even now his search will not stop. 

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