Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rumi ♡ (from) Divan-I Kabir

I am like Majnun in my poor heart,
which is without limbs,
because I have no strength
to contest the love of God.
Every day and night I continue in my efforts
to free myself from the bounds of the chain of love;
a chain which keeps me imprisoned.
When the dream of the Beloved begins
I find myself in blood.
Because I am not fully conscious,
I am afraid in that I may paint Him
with the blood of my heart.
In fact, You, O Beloved, must ask the fairies;
they know how I have burned through the night.
Everyone has gone to sleep.
But I, the one who has given his heart to You,
do not know sleep like them.
Throughout the night, my eyes look at the sky,
counting the stars.
His love so profoundly took my sleep
that I do not really believe
it will ever come back.

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