Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vicki Woodyard - Wisdoms

Knowing yourself as the Self is the ultimate intimacy.

The Self is sanctuary.

Everything is seamlessly integrated. It is only the mind that says otherwise.

Straight is the way and narrow is the gate and the ego is a double wide.

Let the heart be the path on which the mind walks.

The seeker is within, as well as the sought.

The whole purpose of the spiritual journey is to learn to live behind the mind.

Awareness is the pearl in the oyster of mechanical life.  Use grit to grow.

My tension comes from inattention.

Drop the “k” in seeker.

The daily grind can be a “find,” when you are looking at the nuggets of now.

Nurture the now.

I count my blessings to make sure none get away.

Charity begins within.

The teacher, both within and without, is merely a mirror.  Simple reflection is the great healer.

For something to happen, the entire universe must AGREE.
Everything is destined.

The flow will find you when it needs you.
In between, relax…

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within. He had a lot of nirvana to say that!

No one can reach the silence. One must become it

Retreat from self-attack and all others will retreat immediately.

My place of surrender is my place of power.

Trying to push the river makes one all wet.


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