Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rafael Stoneman - Non dual fool

let’s get drunk together
on the wine of life and death
for living is dying
laughing is crying
and since we know
by now
there is no time
we might as well
what is
we are the only one
in this universe
and even
do not exist
how can it be
that every being
is that same one
moving about
singing and dancing
and making love to
we’ve read every nondual book
visited every teacher
asked every question
awakened, realized, enlightened
and here we go again
forgetting that
nothing has ever happened
making a big to do
about what we know
and who we are
so many nondual fools
expressed by the
ultimate foolish one
don’t steal a name
from the nameless
or a hat
from the headless
come naked
arrive thirsty
leave your shoes on
but take your concepts off
and leave them at the door
listen to this mumbo jumbo
blither babble
about what it takes to
be free
we’re not the only one
that ever felt lonely
all alone
with no home
searching for something new
for anything
that has never happened before
a fresh taste
a rejuvenating place
a beautiful face
searching for anything
that will erase
the imaginary
of separation
hurry up
act quick
the market is cornered
lickety split
suddenly the whole
of humanity
is wide awake
its no longer
a big deal to
know you are God
every kid on the block
has discovered this
one out of three
people today
are waking up
in the most usual way
just look at the blogs
every part of the world
the wheel in the cog
the illusion is now hurled
the beloved is working
in every gas station
laundromat, liquor store
and bank
everywhere we go
we see only
this wicked foolish one
the mischievous maker
of this
hide and seek life
burn baby burn
gotta love that
fire in our belly
our ego is scorched
our hearts now a torch
lighting the way
for night into day
shining nondual fools
transcending all thought-schools
and no longer trying
to offer stories of lying
no longer a title
not woman not man
not god not devil
no l. ron hubbard
upper level
nothing to do
no christian no jew
no muslim no buddhist
no gucchi no nudist
just this
this unremarkable presence
so what
we woke up from the dream
the nondual fool doesn’t
choose to drink alone
for starters
the nondual fool
doesn’t choose at all
the simple fact is
that no one wants to be around
the nondual fool
who acts as if more
‘the one’
than anyone
the stench of arrogance
is too much to bear
when the nondual fool
starts lecturing
about how we are all one
as if everybody
doesn’t already
get the joke
some shadow sprouts
and the nondual fool
goes deeper into
paranoid misery
which only
that self-involvement
which no one
wants to be around
we get it
you’re the one
but hey
guess what friend
so is
everyone else
don’t feel that pain
by all means
cover it up
with some
silly entertainment
some conceptual dismissal
we don’t want to
start feeling dismal
and really paying attention
to our own suffering forms
no, no, no
come let’s go
and write another book
on compassion

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