Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shabistari - Tavern Haunters

The tavern is the abode of lovers, 
The place where the bird of the soul nests, 
The rest-house that has no existence 
In a world that has no form. 
The tavern-haunter is desolate in a lonely desert, 
Where he sees the world as a mirage. 
The desert is limitless and endless, 
For no man has seen its beginning or ending. 
Though you feverishly wander for a hundred years 
You will be always alone. 
For the dwellers there are headless and footless, 
Neither the faithful nor infidels, 
They have renounced both good and evil, 
And have cast away name and fame, 
From drinking the cup of selflessness;

Without lips or mouth, 
And are beyond traditions, visions, and states, 
Beyond dreaming of secret rooms, of lights and miracles.

They are lying drunken through the smell of the wine-dregs, 
And have given as ransom 
Pilgrim's staff and cruse, 
Dentifrice and rosary.

Sometimes rising to the world of bliss, 
With necks exalted as racers, 
Or with blackened faces turned to the wall, 
Sometimes with reddened faces tied to the stake.

Now in the mystic dance of joy in the Beloved, 
Losing head and foot like the revolving heavens. 
In every strain which they hear from the minstrel 
Comes to them rapture from the unseen world.

For within the mere words and sounds 
Of the mystic song 
Lies a precious mystery.
 From drinking one cup of the pure wine,
From sweeping the dust of dung-hills from their souls,
From grasping the skirts of drunkards,
They have become Sufis.


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