Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Milarepa - Beyond concepts

Homage to all the sacred masters.

When we talk about the characteristics of the mahamudra of illuminating wisdom, we talk about three sections: ground mahamudra, path mahamudra, and fruition mahamudra.

First, the ground mahamudra – the essential nature of things, the mind of the buddhas, the mind-essence of sentient beings – does not exist as something that has color or shape, a center or edge. It is free from limitations and partiality, and knows neither existence nor nonexistence. It is neither confused nor liberated. It is not created by causes and not changed by conditions. It is neither altered by the wisdom of the buddhas nor spoiled by the obscurations of sentient beings. It is neither improved by realization nor worsened by confusion.

Path mahamudra is that which is to be practiced within the ground mahamudra as follows: When settling, settle without conceptualizing. When remaining, remain without distraction. When practicing, practice without fixation. When manifesting, let it manifest as dharmata. When freed, practice it as natural freedom.

Beyond concepts, fruition mahamudra is free from something that liberates, free from hope and fear. It is the exhaustion of concepts and phenomena; it is nonfixation, nongrasping, and it is free from utterance and description and is thus beyond concept.

Ground, path, and fruition are to be practiced as one.

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