Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yosi Flug - The Flute & The Afterlife

the flute

the poet is
like a flute
shaping the breath
into a melody
true poet
shapes his life
into a breath
of the divine. . .
hollow from self
touched by intuition
life breath becomes a tune
in the symphony of being

when you read/hear a poem
and it touches your heart
it is because
you yourself
are the endless
of life

the flute
inert in the flutist hands
cooled by the passing breath
caressed by the loving fingers
cares not
for the sound

Art Kultur Tava

the afterlife

today is
yesterday's tomorrow,
and this is
the only afterlife
i know.

we chose
heaven and hell
and all
in between
with each
and every

surrendering to grace
burns all karma
to ashes;
god's infinite mercy
in a blink
of an eyelid.

so die right now
ya yosy!
and thus

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