Friday, January 3, 2014

Ron Starbuck - Sūnyatā - Emptiness is Form - Form is Emptiness

is a cupless cup
without shape
formless and lucid
luminous with light

precisely positioned
heaven and earth
where the space within
is completely transparent
unspoken, without words

a single raindrop
fragile and compliant
essential in form
falling quickly or gently
may be caught
and collected

to be seen
as a reflection
unstated in its purity
as a thought
arising out of
of our beingness

coming into being
faintly glowing at first
as the vividness
of daybreak
becomes brighter
and brighter

as we awaken to each day
each thought, understood
explicitly expressed
guided by wisdom

in the mystery, which is God
which is creation
which is infinite
which is reality
which we create
from ourselves

where we hold
with breathlessness,
many new beginnings
being and becoming

where we hold
each new creation
in the holiness
of the heart

arising out of
each sacred moment
of the day,
in the smallest of things
in kindness freely given
and unasked for
accepted with graciousness

in compassion found
in the strangest of places
almost alien in encounter
in grace given
out of our desire

to heal and repair each human heart
where all people
are one

where we empty ourselves
to become
as one

Ron Starbuck
from Wheels Turning Inward
Copyright 2009, 2010

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