Saturday, October 5, 2013

Abhinavagupta - Bliss

Abhinavagupta (950-1020, Kashmir, India) was one of the most powerfully insightful, deeply profound and logically-clear philosophers of the reality of Living Unbound that the world has ever known. However, he is not at all widely known outside of the circles that his work has touched directly, namely the non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir and certain Indian disciplines of poetics and aesthetics.

This bliss is not like the intoxication of wine or that of riches, nor similar to union with the beloved. The manifestation of the light of consciousness is not like the ray of light from a lamp, sun or moon. When one frees oneself from accumulated multiplicity, the state of bliss is like that of putting down a burden; the manifestation of the Light is like the acquiring of a lost treasure, the domain of universal non-duality.

Nothing perceived is independent of perception and perception differs not from the perceiver, therefore the universe is nothing but the perceiver. 


The Goddess Within

These invocatory verses are from Tantråloka, compossed in the 10th
century by the illustrious teacher Abhinavagupta.

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