Sunday, September 22, 2013

miriam louisa - if there’s no ‘there’ out there…

 source unknown

if there’s no ‘there’ out there…

I keep on checking
but I always fail to find
a ‘within’ or ‘out there’
apart from thoughts in mind

so how can I ‘go within’
to ‘nurture’ the Immeasurable
or ‘cultivate’ it in the world
when ‘world’ and ‘me’ are inseparable?

if there’s no ‘there’ out there
(and this isn’t hard to see)
the buck stops right here
in this matrix called ‘me’

with nowhere to go
and nowhere to hide
no inner, outer, higher or lower
the heart can open wide

can kiss each wondrous moment
with a love that can’t be taught
the only way you’ll stop it
is to entertain a thought

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